Workshop Materials


Before You Come

The CTP workshop focuses on using free or low-cost smartphone apps for collecting field data including GPS waypoints, tracks and photographs and digital survey or field forms. Data can then be displayed in a online web mapping tool like Google Maps. Apps and web tools used in the workshop are outlined below. Participants should download these apps and set up user accounts prior to the start of the workshop.

Technology (note: it is okay if you do not have these items; if you need to borrow these items, please contact the CTP Program Coordinator):

Download onto your smartphone device:

Additional considerations for workshop participants:

  • Clothing:
    • Sneakers/hiking shoes that are comfortable for walking and can get dirty
    • Comfortable field clothes (e.g. t-shirt, long sleeved shirt, field pants)
    • Hat and/or sunglasses
    • Rain coat
    • Sweatshirt for air conditioned classrooms
  • Other Field Supplies:
    • Water bottle
    • Sunscreen
    • Bug spray
    • Backpack
    • Writing utensil
  • Other Tech:
    • Don't forget your device, pack your power cords
    • Write down your passwords!

Review the CTP handbook for all details on the program: 2018 CTP Handbook

Workshop Documents, Links & Resources

Poster Templates

Agenda and Technology Overview

The Conservation Training Partnerships workshop is a two-day training that introduces participants to innovative, user-friendly mobile mapping tools and online mapping technology that can be utilized to study and address local conservation issues. Check out the workshop agenda. The workshop introduces participants to a number of smartphone apps and web mapping tools. Participants may find it helpful to review a summary of the resources covered in the workshop.

Workshop Activities & Technology Resource Guides

The Conservation Training Partnerships workshop is very hands-on. Below are copies of the "cookbook" style exercises completed in the workshop. Resource Guides are intended to provide additional information about an app or tool.

Natural Resources Conservation Academy Story Map

A story map showcasing community conservation projects from past NRCA participants and the geospatial tools and technology used to enhance project outcomes.

→ View Story Map

Connecticut's Changing Landscape Story Map

Explore 25 years of land cover and land cover change through an interactive story map.  

→ View Story Map

→ Hands-on Activity

Using the Track Kit Smartphone App to Collect GPS Data in the Field

Smartphone App for Apple iOS and Android devices. Collects waypoints, tracks and media.

→ Reference Guide

→ Hands-on Activity


Collecting Better Field Data with Epicollect5 - Digital Forms and Online Data

Smartphone App for Apple iOS and Android devices. Allows user to design custom data collection forms, collect standardized field data along with location information and media.

→ Reference Guide

→ Hands-on Activity


Connecticut Environmental Conditions Online (CT ECO)

Online maps and information about Connecticut's natural resources. Includes static maps, interactive web maps, and GIS map services.

→ Reference Activity

→ Visit the CT ECO Website


NRCA Participant Forum

Find more resources, communicate with workshop leaders, instructors and other participants in the NRCA Google Community! Follow this link to view the Community and Ask to Join in on the conversation!


If you have any questions about the CTP, please feel free to contact: Laura Cisneros, CTP Program Coordinator


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