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Our experience from the Conservation Ambassador Program is that when energized, tech-savvy high school students team up with dedicated, knowledgeable local conservation leaders, good things happen. These local projects are a “win” in all directions – for the students, for the local conservation advocates, for the community, and for the environment. We will be posting Conservation Training Partnerships projects on our online map as they are completed, but in the meantime, see the map below to check out the last five years of such projects from the Conservation Ambassador Program.

As a team, teen and adult CTP participants will apply new knowledge and tools to address a local conservation project. The project topic, duration and intensity may be tailored to the individual interests and circumstances of the participants. The program coordinator and other CTP instructors will be able to assist throughout the project via in-person visits and two web meetings. Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their work at the Connecticut Conference on Natural Resources or Connecticut Land Conservation Conference. Select participant teams may be interviewed during multiple periods of the project by UConn Neag of School researchers to study the importance of intergenerational learning in informal STEM learning.

NRCA Projects

Click on a star for more information about the students, their local partners, and their projects. Once they get going, we’ll be adding projects and information from the Conservation Training Partnership and Teacher Professional Learning.

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