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Fostering young scientists through conservation projects that benefit local environments

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Who We Are

At NRCA's Conservation Ambassador Program, we engage a diverse group of high school students in natural resource sciences and provide transformative and experiential learning opportunities for students. Participants address a variety of local environmental issues through an intensive one-week Field Experience, followed by a hands-on Conservation Project. In a capstone celebration, each student is formally recognized as a Conservation Ambassador.

1. Field Experience: During the summer field experience at the University of Connecticut (UConn), students learn from UConn faculty members and other environmental scientists about a variety of environmental topics, including geospatial technology, freshwater systems, forestry, and fish and wildlife conservation.

2. Community Conservation Project: Following the field experience, students apply their newly acquired skills to individual conservation projects in their community under the guidance of local conservation groups and UConn personnel. These projects tackle a variety of real environmental issues and produce real conservation results!

3. Connecticut Conference on Natural Resources: Projects culminate in March with students presenting their work at the annual Connecticut Conference on Natural Resources. This is a supportive venue for students to share their work with over 300 scientists, land managers, and local land use decision makers. At the conference, our students are recognized as Conservation Ambassadors and the top three projects receive a scholarship to UConn, should they decide to pursue a degree in natural resources.

Our emphasis is on providing individualized, tailored education and applying knowledge to real-world problems to inform conservation and land use decisions.

The Impact

Since 2012, we have worked with a large number of diverse high school students that:

  • Come from all over Connecticut (see map)
  • Represent multiple ethnicities and socioeconomic groups
  • Several of whom live in Connecticut’s most densely populated and economically disadvantaged urban centers.

Integrating students from diverse backgrounds provides a valuable experience for our students, exposing them to a diversity of perspectives from a young age.

In just the last five years, 98 community projects by our students have been completed or are underway throughout Connecticut. All projects have a broad-conservation focus and are designed to benefit the local community. These positive outcomes include:

  • Production of informational videos and field guides
  • Construction of green infrastructure (e.g. rain gardens)
  • Development of monitoring protocols and gathering data to guide management of forests and freshwater ecosystems
  • Ecosystem restoration, among many others

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