Difference Maker Interns

Difference Maker (DM) Interns are NRCA alumni who are currently enrolled as UConn undergraduate students. Difference Maker Interns return to the Academy to help foster the NRCA experience for current students and contribute to NRCA program efforts.

During the summer term, DMs serve as interns in the Conservation Ambassador Program's field experience. DMs work behind the scenes to make the field experience a success, support program activities, and aid in planning and execution.

During the semester, they focus on participant engagement and science communication. DMs choose their focus area and contribute to significant initiatives, such as managing the NRCA's social media presence, creating multimedia content, communicating with current NRCA participants, and aiding in recruitment for NRCA programs.

Difference Maker Intern Internship NRCA Class
AJ Spring 2020 2014
Tianna Spring 2020 & Fall 2019 2015
Amanda Fall 2019 2016
Maggie Spring & Summer 2019 2017
Ricky Spring & Summer 2019 2014
Hannah Fall 2018 2016
Keniche Fall 2018 2016
Mari Summer 2018 2014
Jenique Summer 2018 2015

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Difference Makers


Difference Makers


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