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Our experience from the Conservation Ambassador Program (CAP) is that when energized, tech-savvy high school students team up with dedicated, knowledgeable local conservation leaders, good things happen. These local projects are a “win” in all directions – for the students, for the local conservation advocates, for the community, and for the environment.

As a team, teen and adult CTP participants will apply new knowledge and tools to address a local conservation project. The project topic, duration and intensity may be tailored to the individual interests and circumstances of the participants. The program coordinator and other CTP instructors will be able to assist throughout the project via in-person visits, webinars, and Google Forum/Classroom. Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their work at a fun, casual event at the Connecticut Land Conservation Conference or Connecticut Conference on Natural Resources. Select participant teams may be interviewed during multiple periods of the project by UConn Neag of School researchers to study the importance of intergenerational learning in informal STEM learning.

See past CTP projects below in the interactive map or the table below.

Interactive Map of CTP Projects

Click on a dot for more information about the participants, their local partners, and their projects.


List of Projects

2020-2021 Projects
Adult Team Member(s) Teen Team Member(s) Project Title
Jeff Yates Jason Zimmitti Town Farm Brook - Mapping the Future of Restoration on a Native Brook Trout Stream
George Householder Isha Sondhi & Lindsay Fritz Invasive Plants at Buckingham Reservoir
Judy Rondeau Rachael Trowbridge & Genny Rondeau Birds of the Milo Appley Conservation Showcase
Owen McLaughlin Isabella Lumia Scoville Loop Community Outreach
Angela Capinera Harper Treschuk A Tale of Two Preserves: Plant Diversity and Pollinator Abundance
Aubree Keurajian Ana Candelli Floral and Faunal Life Survey Along the Wallingford Quinnipiac River Linear Trail
Mary Haggett Claribel Connor Quiet Corner Wildlife Survey
Claudia Bouchard Students from TM Global Studies Magnet Middle School Mapping the Watershed at TMGSMMS
Jason McBean Jackson McBean Surveing Asian Shore Crabs in Fairfield, CT
Emily Picard Haley Jordan Water Chestnut at Hanover Pond
Brett Swanson Caleb Richert & Fatih Alam Beneficial Insects in the Garden
Mary Ellen Seuch Hannah Nightingale Norwalk Composting Survey
Justin Mack Charlotte Zapletal Connecticut Animal Rehabilitation Centers and Information
Carol Piper Dakota Kosiorek Plants & Animals at Osbornedale State Park
Lance Hansen Amanda Altamirano & Phoenix Bernadin Experience Roraback Wildlife Management Area
Susan VanKleef Maggie Brian The Impacts of Forestry Practices in Massacoe State Forest
Katy Hanlon, Signian McGeary & Tom Lewoc Aish Benzy, Isabella DelRosso & Julianna Distante The Cheshire Conservation Connection
2019-2020 Projects
Adult Team Member(s) Teen Team Member(s) Project Title
Christin Arnini Melinda Lu The Beavers of Mendell's Folly
Karen Baker Josselyn Hernandez-Velez & Gabriella Gomez Wildlife at Fairchild Wheeler IMHS
Christine Bouchard Caroline Chesson Google Maps Meets Nature: Mapping the Silver Sands/Walnut Beach Boardwalk in Milford, CT
Claudia Bouchard Adrian Bouchard Mapping Camp Harkness
Colleen Rodriguez & Charlie Rodriguez Charlotte Morin Wildlife at Bushy Hill Nature Preserve in Essex
Dianne Saunders Michael Lowit & Benjamin Motmans Plant Community Change Over Time in Tyler Mill Preserve
Elizabeth Ademi & Dorina Ademi Aaryan Patel Monarch Waystation at Wind Hill Community Farm
Elizabeth Mejia Castro Hannah Cramer Water Quality of Wangumbaug & Bolton Lakes
Emily Picard Autumn Murray Invasive Plants on the Quinnipiac River
Harmony Scaglione Benjamin Griffing Meriden Water Quality
Joy VanderLek Karena Kulakowski & Dilawaiz Rao A Day in the Life of a Meadow
Katherine Nuzzo Kathryn Liu Stress Therapy: Nature in the Classroom
Katherine Nuzzo Madeleine McHale Forest Bathing & Emotional Intelligence
Beckie Sahl & Kathleen Darcangelo Krishna Chinmai Dongar, Tamanna Khuntia & Kiran Senthilnathan Comparison of Two Farmington River Brooks
Lance Hansen Andrew Dombroski Geological Natural History of Burr Pond State Park
Laura Craver-Rogers Josephine Mitchell Bird ID Cards
Laurie Doss Aiden Cherniske Nocturnal Lullabies: Our Journey to Listen for Bats in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut!
Laurie Doss Olivia Pignataro Do You Have What it Takes to Customize a Raven Exhibit?
Mary Hogue Mansi Kabre Composting at Fairchild Wheeler IMHS
Mauro Diaz-Hernandez Emily Perry & Armaun Bakhshalizadeh Veteran's Memorial Park Clean-Up
Michael Dunn Michaela Dunn Birding in the Oswegatchie Hills After the Fire of 1962
Peter Nichols Ian Connelly Where's the Wildlife?
Ruth Burritt Hezekiah Melendez & Matthew Murdock Water Quality in Beacon Falls
Shanti Nalawade Nisha Nalawade Water Conservation Survey & Results
Susan Van Kleef Khushi Singh Water Quality Testing in Lucy Brook
Tanner Burgdorf & Christina Smith Kirsten Chery Experience Elton Rogers Park
Tom Kalal En-Ming Holtz Invasive Plants at Oswegatchie Hills
Vikki Reski Hyun Lee Keney Park Sherwood Forest
Wendy Higgins Mikayla Higgins Preventing Human-Wildlife Conflicts in Disturbed Habitats
2018-2019 Projects
Adult Team Member(s) Teen Team Member(s) Project Title
Michael Benjamin Dylan Stewart Kent Housatonic Knotweed Survey & Map
David Cappaert Lucia Volin Ant Biodiversity in Urban Ecosystems
Kathleen-Marie Clark Ayele Ayika & Alondra Gonzalez Effects of Roads on Water Quality in New Britain and Newington
Ursula Dang Krishna Cheemalapati & Akhil Kokkula Surveying Microplastics Along the Farmington River
Mauro Diaz-Hernandez Jennifer Paul, Ada Davila & Shawn Brooks New London’s Green Spaces: Highlighting Natural Spaces
Gina DiCenso Leah DiCenso Public Awareness of Land Conservancy North Kingstown Properties
Laurie Doss Madelyn Malinowski Birding the Audrey and Robert Tobin Preserve
Allie Gennings Oliver Zhao, Yuhao Li & Matthew Franks 100% Participation Trails Experience
Sherry Karraker Sean Mullin & Digby Barrios Bogus Brook Preserve Interactive Map
Marie Kennedy Nicolas Main Migrating Birds in Boyd Woods Audubon Sanctuary
Rory Larson Grant Ketchum Northern Goshawk Acoustic Survey in Steep Rock Preserve
Justin Mack Christopher Esneault Water Quality Along the Still River
Genevieve Nuttall & Glen Somogie AnnaMarie Hickey Monitoring Salt Marsh Birds In Guilford CT
Katherine Nuzzo Alizabeth Neville Take a Walk in the Woods: Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing)
Emily Picard Cody Senoski Fishing the Q
Emily Picard Carter Shay View the Q
Marjorie Porter Parker Mandeville Plastic Litter in the Quinebaug Watershed
Vikki Reski Ruth Nawy Developing an Accessible Trail in LaSalette Park
Stephanie Russell & Theresa Passons Alexandra Dombrowski & Katrina Blaszczynski Poop the Pollinator: Invasive Seed Dispersal in Scat
Cathy Setterlin James Errichetti Uprooting Water Chestnut in New Milford, CT
Jeffrey Shannon Carter Shannon Factors Affecting Fishing Quality at the Branford Supply Ponds
Edmund Smith Warren Bacchus Laurel Marsh Trail
Joy VanderLek Nicholas Motmans Ives Farm Woodlands: A Cheshire Land Trust Treasure
2017-2018 Projects
Adult Team Member(s) Teen Team Member(s) Project Title
Joanne Chvisuk Nicholas Moran Peter's Rock Park: Using Mapping Technology to Enrich the Hiking Experience
Laurie Doss Lillian Steinmayer The Power of One Small Patch!
Elizabeth Eldridge Kyra Byrne Hebron Gardens & Trails: Encouraging the Local Community to Get Outside
Rose Horan Brooke Tillotson & Jacob Arciszewski Digitizing the Windsor Locks Canal Trail
Justin Mack Jaich'i Levi Land Use Affects Water Quality in Candlewood Lake?
Margaret Peterson Caitlyn Murphy Joshua's Trust Wildflower Interactive Map
Emily Picard Fiona Haggerty Canoeing the “Q”
Jessie Shaw Saimun Habib Early Explorers
Glen Somogie Dillon Larkin The Influence of Transylvania Brook on the Pomperaug River
Glen Somogie Jeremy Larkin Success of Wildflowers: Pollination, Stratification, Germination
Scott Tinker Aarohi Patel Avon Bear Aware
Joy VanderLek Gabrielle Pazsak Mapping Cheshire Land Trust’s Fresh Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary
Herbert Virgo Naieem Kelly Urban Tree Reuse Project
Anthony Zemba Christopher Leppla Interactive Map of Benjamin Wildflower Preserve


Potential Community Projects

Inventories & Research
  • Virtual: use CLEAR ( and other web tools to do community resource inventories or open space inventories
  • Field: conduct an inventory of vegetation, invasive species, wildlife or water resources for a property or set of properties
  • Town hall: search assessor’s records for various information on existing or proposed open space properties or sites of unique habitat value
Environmental Restoration
  • Identify/evaluate restoration or wildlife habitat enhancement opportunities
  • Participate in ongoing restoration activities and wildlife habitat enhancement activities (e.g., invasive plant removal, bat/bird boxes, osprey platforms)
  • Identify and map specimens, critical areas or other special features
Organization & Planning
  • Property management plans
  • Collect information for town farmland protection plan
  • Collect information for town or land trust open space plan
  • Collect information for stream/wetland protection or restoration projects
  • Identify low impact development opportunities
Mapping & Geospatial Technology
  • Map vernal pools
  • Map and mark boundaries of protected property
  • Map other resources or features of interest
  • Organize and give a presentation for town-wide audience
  • Write an educational pamphlet
  • Create/enhance organizational website


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