Mapping Resources

CAP 2023 Web Map (

Native Land Map (

USGS Spring Hill Topo Map (geopdf format). Find others on the USGS website.

UConn Green Infrastructure Story Map

NRCA Project Gallery,  Showcase projects (1 – Beavers, 2 – Biodiversity, 3 – Brook Trout)

CAP Field Experience Activities, Tutorials & Technology Resource Guides

Collecting Field Data with Avenza Maps


Smartphone App for Apple iOS and Android devices. Capture and visualize paths, placemarks, and areas on top of georeferenced base maps. Export GPS data to view in other mapping systems.

NRCA Reference Guide

Quick Guide (overview)

Field Guide (detailed)


CT Environmental Conditions Online (CT ECO)


CT ECO is a website containing maps of Connecticut's natural resources. imagery, and elevation in a variety of formats (pdfs, viewers, services and download) for a range of users. CT ECO also contains extensive help and informational pages. CT ECO) is a partnership between CT DEEP and UConn CLEAR.


CT Trail Finder Logo

CT TrailFinder


CT Trail Finder is an interactive website designed to help residents and visitors find all kinds of trails and ultimately get outside, be active, and enjoy the outdoors. CT Trail Rinder contains only trail manager approved information including descriptions and a map. Users can also submit photos, comments and track outings. Coming soon - badges, events, and trailside services!

CT Trail Finder

CT Trails Program at UConn

ArcGIS StoryMaps


StoryMaps are a way to combine interactive maps, digital media and interesting narratives into an engaging web experience. Learn more about StoryMaps and visit a few created by previous NRCA participants.

ArcGIS StoryMaps gallery

CLEAR StoryMap gallery

NRCA project gallery

Additional Tutorials & Technology Resource Guides

Collecting Field Data with Epicollect5

Smartphone App for Apple iOS and Android devices. Design custom data collection forms and collect field data with location information and media.

Reference Guide

Video Tutorials

Finding and Mapping Trails with AllTrails

Smartphone App for Apple iOS and Android devices. Create trail maps, trace custom paths, import and export GPS data.

Reference Guide

Video Tutorials

Editing and Adding Tracks in OpenStreetMap

The freely available geospatial data from OSM can be used for creating paper and electronic maps, geocoding of address and place names, and route planning.

Video Tutorials

Google Maps

Exporting Data from Track Kit & Epicollect5 into Google Maps.

Hands-on Activity

Creating a custom Google Map.

Google Maps Tutorial

Seek by iNaturalist

Seek allows curious naturalists of all ages to observe organisms (plants, animals, insects, etc.) with on-screen identification using computer vision based on data from iNaturalist.

User Guide

ArcGIS Online

Interactive maps create immersive experiences that take maps from a static view to an opportunity for users to explore.

Authoring an ArcGIS StoryMap

Combine your maps with narrative text, images, and multimedia content to create compelling, user-friendly web apps.

StoryMap Tutorial

Using the Track Kit App to Collect GPS Data in the Field

Smartphone App for Apple iOS. Collect waypoints, tracks and media.