Environmental Programs for Teens, Adults & Teachers

Conservation Ambassador Program

For Teens

10-month program for high school students (grade 9-11) interested in the environment or science. The program includes a one-week field experience at UConn and an individual community conservation project.

Conservation Training Partnerships

For Teens & Adults

2-day workshop for high school students and adults that introduces online mapping technology that can be used to address local conservation issues. Teen and adult partnerships will be formed to carry out a local conservation project.

Teacher Professional Learning

For High School Teachers

3-day professional development workshop for secondary school teachers who teach in the Earth Sciences (via integrated or stand-alone courses), which will immerse participants in relevant local and regional water resource issues and online mapping tools to study these issues further. The workshop will offer curricular and technological resources underpinning particular NGSS Earth and Space Science Performance Expectations.

NRCA Projects

NRCA is making a difference across Connecticut. Below is an interactive map showing the location of local conservation projects from the Conservation Ambassador Program, the Conservation Training Partnership and Teacher Professional Learning programs. Click on a dot for more information about the students or program attendees, local partners and projects.

  Conservation Ambassador Program   Conservation Training Partnership   Teacher Professional Learning View larger map


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